Did you ever stop to consider how your jewelry is a reflection of not just your taste and style sense but also your personality and life experiences?  Quite often your special treasures are unique, irreplaceable pieces presented to you for a very special life event. Whether it's a marriage, 1st communion, Bar or Bat Mitzah, jewelry celebrates and recalls the occasion.  How about that family heirloom passed along from generation to generation or a new piece that will be enjoyed by generations to come?  Your favorite piece may be that very unique something that caught your eye at a precise moment and you just had to have it!  Regardless if it’s a pair of earrings, ring or pendant these items hold something equally as precious as the gold, silver or gemstone they’re made of, indelible memories that can never be replaced!

What's your special jewelry treasure?  Our owner and proprietor Bruce Manin takes pride in wearing the Bar Mitzvah ring that was presented to him by his family back in 1965 each and everyday.  My dad Gino passed on to a better place a few years ago but the late 1950's era Waltham wrist watch that he wore on special occasions is still running strong!  Guess whose wearing it now to work on a regular basis?  How about you?  What are your favorite pieces of jewelry and more importantly why?  I know that like us everyone of your jewelry items are associated with a sentimental journey of some sort.  You can absolutely recall every vivid detail relating to the who, where and why associated with them!  They're part of your heritage, your evolution, your family!

One other emotion I'll bet we share in relation to our jewelry possessions.  That sad, sinking, feeling that occurs when you misplace that special watch, ring, earring, etc., and the subsequent overwhelming feeling of relief and joy when you eventually (hopefully) find it!  Now can you imagine how upset you'd feel if you lost this item due to negligence or even worse, theft?  No matter how sharp you may think your memory is, and as precious as the lost items were to you personally, could you actually recall and detail each and everyone of them?  This is when a documented appraisal performed by a seasoned, professional jeweler proves to be invaluable.  

A well done appraisal details the specifics of your prized jewelry possessions right down to the metal composition, diamond or gemstone carot weight, clarity and quality of a stone. All of information is collectively utilized in determining the fair market price of your jewelry at the time of inspection. Rest assured that when you have your treasures appraised here at Grono & Christie's your valuables are being inspected and valued by a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with over forty years of industry experience.  While an appraisal can't replace your lost items it will certainly help you regain a portion of your financial loss. 

Let us put our forty plus years of experience and expertise in the field of gemology to work for you in fairly assessing your jewelry collection.  Appraisals are done on site at our East Milton location and while we recommend that you call ahead for an appointment, we'll make every attempt to accommodate "eleventh hour" requests, business conditions allowing of course.  See here at Grono & Christie we sincerely appreciate your business and the fact that you selected our family owned, local establishment to cater to your personal needs!  Your items will be throughly cleaned to identify naturally occurring inclusions in the gemstones and assess the overall condition of your jewelry,  We'll also advise you of any maintenance or repair concerns we feel may warrant your attention because we genuinely care about your jewelry possessions as much as you do!  

For more information or to set up an appointment please click on the "Contact" tab on our website, call us at 617-696-1490 or stop by our shop located on 536 Adams Street in charming East Milton Square.  

PS. Did you know that most insurance agents recommend that you update your jewelry appraisal every 10 years?  For those of you who have an appraisal in your possession check the documentation date, it may be time for an updated evaluation of your collection!  Another reason to consider an updated appraisal of your prized gold possessions?  Effective December, 2013 gold prices have fluctuated, is an updated appraisal in order to insure your possessions are adequately valued!