Our Man Behind The Scenes Who Creates Your Drea...

Posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2014 at 8:01 am by Bruce

We consider one of our employee's here at Grono and Christie's to be among our best kept secret with his talents giving us a distinct edge over our competition.  He's the man whose creative spark, passion for a job well done and craftsmanship is behind the vast majority of your repair work, jewelry creations and fine restorations.  We've received applause and praise from our clientele regarding our repair and design work, having built up a healthy stream of repeat business over the years because when people discover a "good thing" they naturally come back for more of the same!  Now isn't it a pity that these folks, as pleased as they are, have no knowledge of the individual responsible for making all of these good things happen?  Ditto for his past accomplishments, success stories or even his roots of origin, that's a crying shame!  Have we peaked your interest?  Please read on to learn all about our "man behind the bench" Mr. Eben Lenz!     

Eben has been a player in the jewelry industry for over thirty years having worked for respected jewelry establishments such as Shreve, Crump and Low, Lux Bond and Green, Hearts on Fire, Wyman Jewelers and JR Dunn Jewelers.  Along his lengthy career path Eben has accumulated a formidable arsenal of industry and product related knowledge earning the respect of his peers, competitors and customers as a master designer/goldsmith and engaging sales consultant.  It's rare to have a dedicated employee who is just as effective working behind the scenes "making it happen" as they are communicating face to face with customer's regarding their sales, repair and design issues and concerns!  No doubt thirty four plus years in the jewelry industry, or any industry for that matter, is quite a feat these days!  Eben has been involved in countless design projects through the years but the cherry on his jewelry design ice cream sundae, being a member of the Hearts on Fire design team responsible for the Victoria Secrets diamond bra back in 2006!

Despite his years of reinventing jewelry pieces and breathing new life into cherished heirlooms much to the delight of our client's, Eben admits that he still occasionally falls victim to a bit of designer stage fright!  The initial planning process and subsequent detail work related to merging two or more estate items into a single reborn jewelry creation is both a unique challenge and exhausting process. Isn't it refreshing to know that an accomplished stylist is conscientious (and passionate) to the point that he still sweats the details related to making his customer's jewelry dreams a reality!  Humility and attention to detail, traits of a true professional!

Eben tackles his considerable daily work load and a multitude of jewelry related care, content and repair questions from both customer's and staff alike with a smile, can do attitude and considerable patience.  He does however admit to having no patience or tolerance for commercially manufactured jewelry featuring poorly set gemstones, lackluster polishing and overall poor quality.  He's genuinely upset when presented with a repair job on a fabulous find that could have been easily prevented had the customer taken the time to have their treasure cleaned and inspected on a regular basis (every three to six months) thus preventing the loss of an expensive, and subsequently maybe hard to replace, gemstone.  His advice to you "three to six month inspection and cleaning checks, down the road no expensive regrets".

Eben is a long time Milton resident, happily married for nineteen years to his stunning wife Kelly and the proud dad of two energetic, very inquisitive young boys.  Eben's dad was a military man and Eben was born and initially lived in Germany until his family moved back to the United States, residing in the area of Washington D.C.  He possess a degree of Fine Arts from Temple University and lived on their campus located in Italy during his final year of studies.  He's conversant in Italian dialect and well studied and somewhat conversational in Spanish, German, French and Portuguese dialects, a collector of vintage musical instruments and bicycles, a big fan of 1980's music and passionate regarding his trade, the jewelry works he creates and gemology!