Custom Jewelry Design - Let's Create Together!

Here at Grono & Christie Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being a bit "old school" regarding our business operation from our above and beyond customer service, to our unique specialty offerings. We take pride in the fact that we’re able to do the majority of our repair, appraisal and customized jewelry creation work right at our East Milton shop. You may be asking yourself - "Does anyone have a need for custom jewelry these days, isn't that a big extravagance?" Yes ladies and gentlemen even in today's high tech, fast paced, iPod world there is indeed a need for jewelry uniquely designed for that special someone in your life or you!
The following custom design scenarios are quite common and guess what, you may even find one of them applies to you.
custom jewelry east milton
 You're elated to find out that a cherished relation who is no longer with us made the decision to bestow their treasured jewelry to you!  While you're eternally grateful for their kind, generous gesture and the obvious sentiment you're disappointed to ultimately discover that the overall style of the ring, pendant, earrings, whatever the piece may be that has been gifted to you, doesn't suit your style, personality or body features in the least? What a dilemma, those beautiful and sparkling diamonds and gemstones are entombed in a piece of jewelry that totally repels you, what to do?
You know your piece is valuable, the stones sensational, if only the metal and stones were in another jewelry piece more to your liking. Should you just live with it and wear the item you loath on rare occasions?  How about hiding your new treasure away in a dark, dank bureau drawer where it's doomed not to see the light of day for month, years or decades?  Out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes!  How sad, isn’t there a better solution? indeed....there is!      
What about your ever evolving taste, flair and sense of style? For example, you decide that your wedding ring is beginning to look a bit staid and dated.  It was absolutely breathtaking when it first captured your eye years ago but life is change and your taste have evolved over the years. If it were possible to change the appearance of your ring what would you do? What about re-configuring the existing stones or setting for a more contemporary look. Maybe the addition of some new gemstones, a revised mounting or a totally new design is in order? 
Your confident, and rightly so, that regardless of the enhancements you choose there would be no chance of loosing the sentimental value of your piece because you'd be utilizing the existing components of your existing treasure! “Stop”, you think to yourself! Surely the expense associated with a custom design would be cost prohibitive and besides who does work that intricate and precise in today's world? You immediately dismiss  your creative whim as being cost prohibitive, unrealistic and unattainable. What a pity because this type of custom design service is in fact available and may be more affordable then you think, right here at Grono & Christie's Jewelers!
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There are other reasons that call for custom design jewelry services that may surprise you!  More often then you may imagine we have customers come to us inquiring how to best utilize gemstones they've either purchased or received as a gift or inheritance (yes this happens!).  
We've also had customers ask us to replicate a piece of jewelry that has been either lost, stolen or that they've seen during their travels to a foreign land, in a fashion magazine, worn by a celebrity, etc. Of course in these cases an illustration or actual photograph certainly helps us in creating the desired jewelry item but in cases where there may not be a reproduction available we can still help. Our designers will sit down with you and discuss the details of what you're hoping to create. Based on our consultation they'll create an illustrated replication of your vision and from there the design work begins!  Naturally we'll keep you updated regarding the progress of our design work, we don't like keeping our customers in suspense.
Have we piqued your interest in custom jewelry? Are you interested in exploring the possibilities? We would so enjoy speaking with you regarding the details so please contact us at 617-696-1490, e-mail us at or stop by our shop located at 536 Adams Street in charming East Milton Square and let’s explore the possibilities together!
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