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An Understated Look

Even if you don't care much for fashion, wearing a few choice pieces of fine jewelry can elevate your look in ways that few things can. The simple act of putting on a nice watch or wearing a gold chain that's just visible under your collar takes five seconds as part of your daily routine yet receives immense payoff the rest of the day. Your colleagues, friends, and partners will subconsciously take note of your understated elegance when a pair of cufflinks finds itself part of your daily ensemble. Dress like the man you want to become, and you'll see the results in no time at all.

Studs for Studs

A stud earring is a classic piece of men's jewelry; though not for everyone, the number of men wearing earrings is growing and is now an acceptable accessory in most workplaces. Given that the majority of men still wear their hair short, simple stud earrings are often just the right amount of sophisticated without standing out too much. Gemstone studs can come in any color at a variety of price points: for example, deep burgundy garnets, ocean blue sapphires, or traditional sparkling white diamonds. Yellow or white gold are traditional metal colors and will pair well with any outfit. Choose your size, color, and shape to frame your face and achieve the look you desire.

More Than a Watch

Watches and timepieces are more than functional accessories; they're pieces of wearable art. Every man should own at least one watch for everyday purposes to automatically dress up any outfit without even trying. Your everyday watch can be as simple as a watch face to keep the time and date, or you can choose one with more functionality, such as a compass, altimeter, moon phase display, and luminous display. Some watches are equipped for water resistance up to a certain depth. Regardless of how many features you choose, remember that your watch should be a blend of style and functionality that is ultimately an extension of you.

Multi-Media Artwork

Men's jewelry is so much more than metal chains and watch faces with gizmos and gadgets. When you wear a nice watch for extraordinary events, be it a proposal, an important meeting, a luxurious event, or simply a night out with your loved one, your watch is a focal point for your whole outfit. Show off what makes you, you with a piece of fine jewelry that captures the essence of the person inside the suit. Your bracelets and rings are more than a simple accessory; they are pieces of wearable artwork, and you are the museum curator. Curate your personal collection starting with premium pieces from Grono and Christie Jewelers.

Everything for Him at Grono and Christie Jewelers

If you're looking for ways to add to your current fine jewelry and watch collection or just foraying out into the world of men's jewelry, the courteous and professional staff at Grono and Christie Jewelers is here to help. Our wide selection of men's rings, watches, and other fine jewelry is unparalleled in the Quincy area. Visit us just around the corner for your next statement piece.