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Birthstones for the Birthday Queen

Birthstones and birthstone jewelry have long been traditional gifts — with the exception of April (diamonds), the other eleven months use colored gemstones to signify the month in which you were born. Depending on your birth month, you may even have multiple options for stones or gemstones that come in a variety of colors! September's sapphires aren't limited to blue but also come in pink, yellow, chocolate, and even black. June has two gemstone options — alexandrite and moonstone. Even though some gemstones like garnets (January) and topaz (December) are commonly seen in just a few shades, they actually come in many hues. Have fun with your jeweler choosing your favorite stone for the most special birthstone jewelry.

A Special Anniversary

You've likely heard of Gold, Silver, and Ruby anniversaries, but there's actually a particular present for each anniversary. Just like birthstones go with the months, each anniversary year has a different gemstone, color, or metal associated with it. For example, a fourth anniversary gift is associated with the color blue, and blue topaz is the traditional gemstone. Blue topaz is a gemstone that comes in a spectrum of blue hues, ranging from a clear, light robin's egg blue to a darker, more lapis-like color. The sentiment of a blue topaz is very sweet, symbolizing romance, affection, and love. Look for gemstone jewelry associated with your anniversary year for a sweet gift that they'll always remember.

Mother’s Rings

Mother's rings, and the less-common but still beautiful mother's necklaces and bracelets, are a touching way to say "I love you." Mother's keepsake jewelry features gemstones to represent the month in which each child was born; for small families, the parents' birthdays can also add a nice touch to bring more color and variety to the jewelry. While rings are the most traditional, consider cluster earrings or a custom pendant instead. When styling mother's jewelry, don't be afraid to get creative — engraving initials, names, or birthdates can add a special touch and make the piece truly yours.

Something For Everyone

Gemstone jewelry is perfect for anyone and everyone: the variety of stones at different price points makes gemstone necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets accessible and endlessly unique. If your loved one has been asking for something beautiful, talk to your jeweler about gemstone jewelry. If you're seeking a certain color, symbolism, or quality, they can point you in the right direction. Custom jewelry with gemstones is a great option to explore to fulfill a vision and get exactly what you want in the perfect color and shape. Don't be afraid to be yourself and go against the current to make all your fine jewelry dreams come true. 

Gemstone Fine Jewelry at Grono and Christie Jewelers

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