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Style is Eternal

As the great designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion fades, but style is eternal." When you purchase designer fine jewelry from high-end luxury brands, you're getting the best style advice from the creators who know what's both eternally stylish and in vogue. Inspired by trends from the fashion capitals of the world--Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York, and London--purchasing designer and fashion jewelry from around the world has never been easier. Ready-to-wear fine jewelry pieces conceived by the top fashion houses and designed specifically with you in mind are available at Grono and Christie Jewelers, sparkling with the perfect combination of style and fashion.

Live Boldly; Live Beautifully

Fashion jewelry is rarely subtle and it is never dull--what a coincidence, neither are you! Make a statement in this season's trends with a splash of color, bold designs, and beautiful craftsmanship. In everything from floral designs to intricate mingling of metals, don't be shy when wearing fashion jewelry. Let your personality bubble and shine in a rainbow of hues from colored gemstones, mixed metals, and uniquely inspired design. Choose statement pieces that communicate artistry and intentionality while upholding your personal style. Commit to living boldly and beautifully today with designer fine jewelry.

From the Runway to You

If you're not into high fashion, one look at the runway trends from the last season may send you running away, declaring that designer trends are certainly not your style. Filled with outlandish, esoteric and simply un-wearable pieces of strange shapes and textures, the runways may seem daunting and unapproachable. So why on earth would you want to buy designer fine jewelry? Luckily for daily wear pieces, high fashion houses dial down the unwearable without compromising on the artistic statement. Drawing from trends seen on the runway, from colors to themes, fashion accessories include elements and stylization to incorporate this season's look while maintaining a fresh feel and uniquely wearable collection.

Milan, New York, Paris

Designer jewelry comes with the sophisticated, nuanced sensibilities of the cities it originates from--the fashion capitals of the world. Take a trip to Paris every time you put on a pair of stunning, elegant pearls. Transport yourself to New York in a flashy set of bold bangles. A jangly, curated charm bracelet is reminiscent of the charming Italian boutiques lining the streets of Milan, each one a jewelbox of a shop. Hop from country to country and take a trip around the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home when you wear inspiring and thoughtfully crafted designer jewelry.

Fashion and Designer Jewelry at Grono and Christie Jewelers

Whether you're searching for a particular runway trend or want to dip your toes into the waters of designer fine jewelry, Grono and Christie Jewelers has all your fashion jewelry needs. Integrating seasonal trends, the most quality designs, and recognizable names, our vast selection has something for everyone. Fulfill all your fashion and designer jewelry wishes by shopping at Grono and Christie Jewelers in the Quincy area today!