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Turn Heads in Luxury Designer Brands

There's no feeling quite like the one when you know you're wearing a coveted piece of designer jewelry and sporting the hottest new trends with flair. Luxury designer fine jewelry brands elevate your look and your sensuality with the season's most covetable trends. Everyone will be asking where you got your necklace, and can they borrow that bracelet for a gala? From passers-by on the street to your coworkers and friends, wearing the latest designer jewelry from Grono and Christie Jewelers will turn heads and mark you as a fashion icon. Become the center of attention in fashion's hottest new jewels.

Today's Trends, but Make Them Timeless

Trends come and go; what's old is new again; and soon those ridiculous jeans you wore back in high school will be popping up on the streets again. Buying jewelry is more of an investment than buying a pair of pants, so in order to stay on-trend while not over-spending your budget, stick with quality pieces that are true to your style regardless of what year it is. If you wear a lot of bright colors, consider a chromatic gemstone necklace that will go with multiple outfits. If you lean towards a classic style, experiment with bracelet textures while sticking to your tried-and-true hues. And remember ultimately, the deciding factor in whether or not you can pull off a designer piece is a matter of confidence. Own your style, and you'll never live in a world of fashion regrets!

Milan, New York, Paris

Designer jewelry comes with the sophisticated, nuanced sensibilities of the cities it originates from--the fashion capitals of the world. Take a trip to Paris every time you put on a pair of stunning, elegant pearls. Transport yourself to New York in a flashy set of bold bangles. A jangly, curated charm bracelet is reminiscent of the charming Italian boutiques lining the streets of Milan, each one a jewelbox of a shop. Hop from country to country and take a trip around the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home when you wear inspiring and thoughtfully crafted designer jewelry.

Mix and Match

In a sea of what's hot and what's not, finding your jewelry niche can be challenging. One minute everyone is sporting animal-inspired designs with colorful enamel and bright gemstones, and the next day it's nothing but mixed metal chains in varying thicknesses and not a drop of color in sight. Choose jewelry that can be layered like sweaters in the fall; a set of gold chains can be worn together, singly, accessorized with charms, or looped over to create a shorter double-strand necklace. Add a few standout statement pieces to your collection of fine fashion and designer jewelry, and then fill in with chameleon pieces so you always have something fun to wear!

Fashion and Designer Jewelry at Grono and Christie Jewelers

Whether you're searching for a particular runway trend or want to dip your toes into the waters of designer fine jewelry, Grono and Christie Jewelers has all your fashion jewelry needs. Integrating seasonal trends, the most quality designs, and recognizable names, our vast selection has something for everyone. Fulfill all your fashion and designer jewelry wishes by shopping at Grono and Christie Jewelers in the Milton area today!