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The Perfect Gift

Diamond necklaces are elegant, versatile, and a no-fail gift for anyone. With so many options for necklace length, style of pendants and chains, and creative possibility, diamond necklaces have no limits. They are excellent choices for graduation presents, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, or holidays for loved ones of any age. Available at a variety of price points, you'll have no trouble finding something unique and high-quality for yourself or a loved one. Whether you're seeking a no-fuss diamond solitaire pendant or a luxurious diamond tennis chain, there is a style for everyone when you visit your local jewelry store.

Love for all Eternity

Diamond eternity necklaces are among the most special gifts you can give your loved one. Understated elegance and undeniable sparkle, a collar of diamonds elevates your look and takes your outfit to the next level. The beautiful meaning of an eternity necklace is a love that never ends, a love that is as stable and steady as a diamond. Necklaces are also one of the most visible pieces of jewelry, due to their prominent placement on the collarbones. To let your loved one know just how much you love them, a diamond eternity necklace is one of the grandest gestures you can make.

Complement Your Favorite Pieces

Diamond necklaces make beautiful additions to your favorite jewelry. Diamond pendants are available in the same styles as most engagement ring settings; whether your have a halo-set diamond, a three-stone, or a simple solitaire, you can find a diamond necklace to match. Diamond earrings also share many of the same setting styles, giving you more options to build a custom set based on your most-loved and most-worn jewelry. Wearing a matching jewelry set gives each piece the chance to enhance the others, tying your look together without any effort. Nothing is more cohesive than a matching diamond ring, necklace, and earring set.

Chains, Ropes, and Weaves

When buying a diamond necklace, choosing the right chain is almost as important as getting a stellar diamond to create your perfect look. A fine cable chain with small links is delicate and almost silky to the touch; lightweight cable chains are soft on the skin and pair well with small, delicate diamonds in unobtrusive settings. Opt for a more standout chain, such as a modest wheat chain or a heavier cable chain, for larger diamonds in sturdy pendant settings where the metal is showcased. While it's easier to swap out chains than diamonds, ask your jeweler for help finding chains where the metal color is an exact match with your diamond pendant.

The Milton Area's Finest Diamond Necklaces

At Grono and Christie Jewelers, we are invested in providing the Milton area's finest selection of diamond necklaces. Whether you're looking for a simple diamond solitaire pendant or a glorious diamond chain, our handpicked set of premium is sure to please. Come to Grono and Christie Jewelers to see our unrivaled selection today!